Moving Blogs!

Hey everyone!ย 

I’ve made a choice to move blog locations and I hope you’ll check out my new page! You can find my new blog here. I wanted to make sure that I could share certain types of content that WordPress made it a little difficult to. I’m in the process of updating and getting that blog running but posts from today forward will appear at the new site. I hope that you’ll follow me over and continue on this journey with me.


Get After It!

AH! Let’s talk about how absent I’ve been from blogging, right? Ugh! I bet you’re sitting there thinking, “Carly, seriously. I was counting on your witty rhetoric to get me through m y day.” Ok, you probably weren’t thinking that. But maybe you missed me. Heck! I missed me blogging! So let’s get back to it!!

So where have I been? Working, mostly. I switched careers which caused a huge shift in my life and time. Then, I started working with a trainer. And I’ve also got my school schedule. So with all that going on I decided I would take the leap and join BeachBody as well. I already love the workouts (DUH!) and so I just jumped on it. So now I’m working on that too. I just ordered Focus T25 and am going to be adding that to my daily activities. Can you say excited? Because I can!

So let’s talk a little about the “journey”. The nutrition part, as you probably know, is what is hardest for me to get in line. To help me keep things on track I’ve ordered a heart rate monitor/calorie burn tracker. This will help me get a better idea of balance in how much I’m in-taking versus how much I’m burning. Working with the trainer has been eye opening. In the past 6 weeks I’ve put on 6 lbs of muscle but only dropped 5lbs on the scale. That can be a little frustrating (because the scale isn’t going down) but it just goes back to my original post of WHY I HATE SCALES! It’s also frustrating for me because I get a little OCD with the scale (i.e. weighing in every day – not a good idea. I would stay away from that one).ย 

All in all, I’m OK with the progress so far. Working with the trainer it came out that I only have [had?] about 34 lbs to lose to get to my goal of 18% body fat. I chose a body fat percentage as a goal rather than a weight because I know, KNOW, that I’d rather be strong and lean than light on the scale. So I’m working towards that goal every day.

I promise to be more vigilant with my updates. Keep an eye out of a new look (working on it!) and lots of links to my various other forms of social media. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine (you need this, seriously!).ย 

So long ….

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been sorely neglecting my responsibilities. Life got a little crazy and blogging became not so important.

So let’s get with the stats:

At Christmas I was up to 188 (SCARY!). Amazing what happens when you kick the routine and just go for broke with junk food. #EmotionalEaterRightHere
So when I hit that I knew that there was the line (again). Since then I’ve dropped 18LBs down to 170.

I also got a text message with a photo of myself from high school at 135 – and it floored me. I know I was small but seeing it in a bikini was a little shocking. Beyond that, I had to keep in mind that I gotย smaller after this picture was taken. I dropped another 30+ lbs that fall when I went to college. I didn’t really have it to lose.

I’m not saying that I want to get back to that – let’s be honest. I’m not 18 anymore and I don’t know if I really want to have to live a life of that much sacrifice. but I can be healthy. And that photo is a motivator to keep going.

me from spring break in 2003

me from spring break in 2003

Insanity Update #4

Ok! So last weekend I finished up week 4. Couple of things – life, as always, got in the way and I missed two workouts – BUT I did a 5k on Saturday and kept my diet pretty clean through the weekend. Even with that, I’m noticing more changes.

Weight wise the number didn’t move – however, my body definitely changed. I’m ok if the number on the scale doesn’t move as long as the inches drop and the clothes size goes down – and that was what happened this week.

I’m loving the changes in my body. I did actually measure at the beginning of last week so I’ll re-measure in another week [measuring every two] and hopefully be able to give you some metrics for my progress. I am a little sad I didn’t have the forethought to take before pictures and measure right at the start but we can’t regret what is already past.

I’m currently in the “recovery” week for Insanity and it is NO LESS insane. After walking planks my arms/back are killing me – and I love it. No matter the workout I always feel, well, worked out! I love that.

I did also try out the Turbofire 10 min abs video and I love it. I throw that into one workout a week just because. My abs are for sure stronger and I’m loving it.

Insanity, for me, isn’t just a 90 day program – this is representing a change in my life and a new dedication to myself that doesn’t revolve around the gym. I’m loving the Beachbody line up [Insanity, P90x, Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire] and I can’t wait to go through each program. My thought is that I’m going to go through each program and find the things I love about them and then, after I’ve gone through them all, I can mix and match.

If you haven’t tried Insanity I totally recommend it. Seriously, my favorite workout ever! ๐Ÿ™‚

Insanity Update #3

Hello friends! I have been neglecting my blog but I”ve been so busy that it just can’t be helped. So let’s dig in. First, I’ve still NOT done my “before” stats – so I’ve only got weight as a metric. Well, weight and feel.

How do I feel?

In a word: awesome! I finish each workout in a sweating, crying, sloppy mess – but I finish! I push myself harder, faster and longer with each workout and I’m seeing results. I feel great! I can’t say that enough.

How much have I lost?

The first week I went down 3lbs and then 2lbs the second week. When I weighed myself this past weekend I was down another 2lbs. So far I’m down a total of 7lbs – but it feels like more. Since I suck and didn’t track my measurements I can’ t be sure. But I’m excited to see how things keep progressing.

How’s the diet?ย 

Diet is awesome. I do have to say that it isn’t a diet though – I’ve just adjusted how I eat. I eat within my calorie limits for the day but if I go over I don’t get crazy. I try to stay away from foods that are overly processed or deep fried. I do have that stuff sometimes though and that’s life. It has really helped in my overall feeling of well being ๐Ÿ™‚


In general – I’m still really happy with this program. I work hard and I’m seeing results. It motivates me!

Insanity Update #2

Ok, I promised weekly Insanity updates and here we go! ย First, I’ve officially finished week two and tonight I do the fit test again. I didn’t track my progress the first time that great so I’m hoping to get some good stats today to compare next time I do the fit test.

Second, let’s talk about weight wise: I went down another two pounds this past week – which is awesome! I had a couple not so stellar food days [i.e. we went out to lunch one of the days which resulted in me enjoying a BLT on wheat bread and some sweet potato fries – yum!] and I also had a bachelorette party this past weekend – so there was alcohol there and I’ve pretty much eliminated alcohol from my diet since starting this. But even with those things where, you know – life gets in the way of the best intentions, I still went down two pounds. It makes me feel good and convicted in this. I’m doing the right things. And I’m creating a lifestyle that doesn’t prevent me from living my own life.

I love this workout. As I get better/stronger/faster I can do more. The intensity of my workout is up to me and it feels awesome. I also like seeing the number on the scale creep down – but what’s better is how I feel. I feel really good. I feel stronger and faster. I’m about 25% of the way through the stock Insanity program and I’m excited to do Asylum next.